KLEINFORMAAT is an online vintage shop for kids.

Completely at the head of this company, at the top of a 80 floor high skyscraper, with marble floors, walls and staircases, behind a nice 50’s desk and in a squeaky leather chair there I am; the general manager of my own little vintage shop.
How do you do? I'm Louise, very nice to meet you!

I’m a young mom from Holland, the beautiful flat country where we eat frikadels all day long and where we love in particularly the color orange.

It’s been a while now though that I’ve traded my red-white-and blue flag for the blue-white-red one and so it is ; Vive la France all day long for me now.

I’m a big fan of history, design and fashion… These 3 combined … BAM !

I love mixing the past and the present, trying to find the perfect balance between styles and so, create a look that is in a way ageless with a wink to a certain era.

To me vintage is a lovely chain of continuity.

As a young mom who loves vintage, and like all the other moms only wants the best for their child, I felt that the market for vintage clothing for children in Paris was not very large.
From there, KLEINFORMAAT was born, I decided to create my own source of vintage for kids for other moms like me.

KLEINFORMAAT; which means 'small size' in Dutch, presents a collection of vintage clothing for children from the 50’s to the 80’s. Periods in history that I particularly enjoy.

KLEINFORMAAT offers pieces that have been previously loved by someone (with lot’s of delicacy and tenderness of course) but also a lot of things that have never been worn before! New old Stock.

Each piece of garment comes with it’s own history, era, print, shape and style.

All the fantastic different fabrics and colors, flashy and bold or soft and dreamy like cotton candy, quirky 70’s outfits or 50’s dresses that even a princess would dream of AND everything, of course, in size ‘mini’.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new treasures from the past.

I love roaming around in the smallest, most isolated little villages where we can still find entire storages, completely ‘forgotten’ for many years, where under a layer of dust; boxes full of new clothes, wrapped in plastic or paper, with tags still attached, are just lying there, waiting.

Incredible! It’s like treasure hunting as a kid but then without the map and the number of steps to count.

But also of course I do love local flea-markets and thrift shops... anywhere in the world and at any time.

For KLEINFORMAAT; pretty and chic are very important but never more important then a child's own comfort.

With KLEINFORMAAT parents finally wish they could wear their children’s clothes!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do !